Good Things Brewing

Good things brewing, group of adults chatting over beers; David Caruso, Damian Buchman, and Tenia Fisher

Damian Buchman talks to David Caruso on his vision behind the RampUp Movement and Moss Universal Park.

Open Gym Benefits everyBODY…

Young boy playing wheelchair basketball

Open Gym Benefits everyBODY… Individuals on the autism spectrum, those with ADHD, and anyone with difficulties processing sensory information can benefit greatly from participating in wheelchair and adaptive sports. Each activity provides tactile, vestibular, and proprioceptive input which are especially important for regulating our sensory systems. Why Are These Things Helpful? Sensory integration is linked […]

Damian Visits the Cripescast!

Charlie Berens and Damian Buchman talk about his work with the Ability Center in Milwaukee, including the plans for a multi-million dollar Universal Park to be built in Wauwatosa. Damian explains that “people aren’t used to following their dreams, mostly because we’re stomped down by someone who lost theirs,” and encourages everyone to block out […]

Marquette High School Student Athlete Excels in Wheelchair Track

Biology teacher, fellow students help standout Marquette High School athlete get the most out of wheelchair track When Gianni Quintero narrowed his options of with Milwaukee-area high school to attend, be was searching for a school that could demonstrate not only a desire to help him succeed but also an outline of how it may […]