Dreams Do Come True: Meet Jordyn

“It’s always been Jordyn’s dream to ice skate.

What can you possibly say when a mother says to you; “It’s always been Jordyn’s dream to ice skate.” Sandi continued to share with me; “We didn’t tell Jordyn where we were taking her today, it was a surprise.” If you know me, you know I always have a million things to say, but at this moment, I was dumbfounded. Were we actually helping dreams come true? I mean, it’s just ice-skating, after all I ice-skated my first time as a kindergartner – but life for Jordyn (Now 19) is different. While Jordyn was born with spina-bifida, and is thriving today as a wheelchair user, ice-skating was never an activity that was provided for her … UNTIL NOW.

These are the moments we’re all working for! Moments where, TOGETHER, as a community and organization, as donors and partners, we pool our collective resources TOGETHER so that Jordyn and everyBODY in our commUNITY can thrive, belong, be independent, and play. Thank you for helping us make dreams come true. Starting today we will track our impact on turning dreams into reality!

See you in the mission,


“Jordyn had the BEST time! Thank you to everyone that made this happen! You truly have no idea what it means to see the pure joy on a daughter’s face the first time she experiences a dream coming true.” 

Sandi Landowski, Jordyn’s mom

“To experience the smiles from ear to ear on your child’s face doing something she only dreamed of. For me it’s priceless!!! I want to thank everyone involved who made this happen.” 

Ryan Landowski, Jordyn’s dad

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