TAC: Social

Our goal is to create a community where youth with physical disabilities are empowered and supported.

What is Tac: Social?

Inclusive Friendship.

A year-round peer group for adolescents with physical disabilities co-led by mentors with physical disabilities. We provide an environment where youth will learn to advocate for themselves, while creating lifelong friendships, ultimately developing into young adults with an increased sense of independence, confidence, and happiness.

Program info

Where Inclusive Friendship Thrives


The program offers a variety of activities and outings with both educational and social experiences where members will learn, share, grow and have fun! We provide an environment where youth will make friends, learn to advocate for themselves, and develop into young adults with an increased sense of independence and confidence.


  • Ages 10 to 18 who have a disability that is primarily physical.
  • Able to interact with peers and participate in group settings.
  • Able to function at a cognitive level within 1 year of chronological age.
    Able to socially, emotionally and mentally participate in group activities.
  • Able to express and cope with age appropriate emotions.
  • Able to manage activities of daily life for a 2-3 hour timeframe.
  • Able to independently communicate their needs in some way.
  • Not appropriate for children with behavioral issues, with significant cognitive impairment, or requiring intensive medical attention.



Hosted the 2nd Saturday of every month


Hosted the 4th Friday of every month*
(*Not Nov/Dec/Mar)



  • Social & Emotional Growth
  • Relationship Development
  • Independence & Self-Advocacy
  • Community Immersion


  • Equity
  • Inclusion
  • Accessibility
  • Collaboration

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