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Through community collaboration, RampUp will design, build and/or implement universally inclusive recreational opportunities and continue to empower those with disabilities through accessibility.


By partnering with community-based nonprofits, and parks & recreation departments, TAC: Open Gym provides an opportunity for people of all abilities to play together.


Our school-based Adaptive Scholastic Athletic Program (ASAP), hosts disability awareness assemblies and inclusive physical education classes. We teach students, educators, and administrators by putting them in "a different pair of shoes" and that regardless of “ABILITY” - everybody is capable.


Our RampUp program assists communities and/or organizations in becoming more universally accessible, while delivering inclusive recreation opportunities to those in their community impacted by disabilities. Whether it’s “Ramp(ing) Up” a local park or helping a fitness or recreation center become more inclusive — RampUp is here to make sure everybody can play…TOGETHER!


TAC: RampUp - Bradford Beach

This is where RampUpMKE was born in 2015. With the support of the community, Milwaukee County Parks and community foundations The Ability Center was able to place three accessible beach wheelchairs at Bradford Beach. In the span of only a three hour event the beach went from being inaccessible to inclusive from walkways to water. Stay tuned — additional opportunities and access coming in the summer of 2019.

TAC: RampUP - Veteran’s Park

Before RampUpMKE came on the scene biking wasn’t an option for you at Veteran’s Park if you had a lower extremity mobility or ambulatory limitation. Together with Wheel Fun Rentals, Milwaukee County Parks, Bader Philanthropies and the community we Ramped it Up. When Wheel Fun is open, so is hand cycling. Don’t think that just because you can’t pedal a bike with your feet you can’t play too — with the addition of three upright hand cycles, biking is now open for ALL abilities at Veteran’s Park. Enjoy!


TAC: RampUp - Red arrow & washington park

Winter’s can be rough in Wisconsin — we often spend our time hibernating indoors. Not anymore! We couldn’t help but think that if everybody could ice skate we could take the chill out of the air. So, we followed up Bradford Beach wheelchairs with Red Arrow & Wilson Park ice-skating sleds. Whether you’re physically incapable of putting on ice-skates or you feel you’re a little too clumsy to skate — the ice-skating sleds are located at these parks for your winter recreation enjoyment. The Slice of Ice is officially open for everybody to skate with their friends, family, colleagues, significant other or simply a solo skate.


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Wheelchair and adaptive sports can be scary — especially if it’s your first time. The Ability Center decided to remove the fear and offer our community an opportunity to play TOGETHER in an inclusive, non-competitive, friendly environment where your friends, family, peers and/or colleagues can join you to play in a “Different Pair of Shoes.” Everybody plays at TAC: Open Gym, we hope you’ll join us to try something different — disability or not Open Gym invites you to get in the game.

Discover Ability Open Gym

TAC: Open Gym

Our adaptive Open Gym is reinventing the way people play. Disability or not, Open Gym invites you and everybody you know to come play in a “Different Pair of Shoes.” As we like to say; “Not disABLED sports, wheelchair sports.” Join us for a fun-filled night of activities & games, from wheelchair basketball to sitting volleyball, goal ball to tennis, we adapt all kinds of sports and games.


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Is your school, after-school program, sports team or youth group looking for a unique and interactive way to engage your students in an inclusive education experience? One where everybody plays? YES! you say. Well then, TAC’s A.S.A.P.: Adaptive Scholastic Athletic Program is the exact opportunity you’re looking for.

Adaptive Scholastic Athletic Program

ASAP: Adaptive Scholastic Athletic Program

ASAP offers an education-based, fully interactive and 100% inclusive disABILITY awareness assemblies and inclusive physical education classes. We teach students, educators and administrators by putting them in a “different pair of shoes” — giving everyBODY a first hand experience that regardless of “ABILITY” — everyBODY is capABLE.

When we come to your school or group one of our many goals is to help you identify those students who qualify to participate in adaptive sports — which could ultimately result in your student receiving a collegiate scholarship and/or experiencing world travel.


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Wisconsin Thunder is southeast Wisconsin’s premier wheelchair basketball program and the only team in the country that is working to provide an opportunity for everybody to play.


Wisconsin Thunder - NWBA, D2

The Wisconsin Thunder is an opportunity for people with mobility impairments to stay in the game. From amputees to spinal cord injuries, wheelchair users to ambulatory limitations — the Wisconsin Thunder is a wheelchair basketball program for men and women, ages 19 and up. Consistently ranked among the top 10 in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association’s, Adult Division 2 league, the Wisconsin Thunder brings a competitive edge to the basketball court. Interested in joining us? Get in touch below.

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3 v 3: Adult wheelchair basketball league for everybody

Got old knees? Do you think an old injury took you out of the game? Looking for a new way to play? Don’t want to practice or travel with a team?

Believe it or not, America is one of the few countries that doesn’t allow “able-bodied” people to play wheelchair basketball…So, we decided to take matter into our own hands so everyBODY can play. Disability or not, TAC & Tosa Rec invite you to play in a “different pair of shoes.”

This 3v3 league is everybody’s opportunity to get back in the game!


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