The Ability Center (TAC): A Social Enterprise

Where Everybody Will Have the Opportunity to Play, Together.


Imagine a facility. Where no one is left on the sidelines. Where people with disabilities and the able-bodied public feel equally comfortable. Where “accessibility” is a part of the natural landscape and opportunity abounds. Where sport chairs share equal status with running shoes. Where the only stares are those of wonder and amazement.

The Ability Center is just such a place. A community center that deploys “reverse inclusion.” A place where everybody who walks through the doors feels welcome, wanted and comfortable.

With your help, this inspiring vision will become a reality. While The Ability Center will be a universally designed fitness, athletic and recreation facility for those with disabilities, it will also be inclusive of the “able"-bodied” public. In collaboration with you and the community we will:

  • support people impacted by disabilities, daily;

  • promote wellness for everybody;

  • aid in people’s rehabilitation;

  • and increase their quality of life.

Our History

It is our history that drives the necessity for The Ability Center. After years of attempting to develop programming we were met by consistent barriers, both physical and social. Potential programming parters were either: inaccessible, their time and space was unavailable, or they were simply unwilling to provide a consistent opportunity — More often than not it was all of the above.

Originally envisioned in 2010 by our founder, Damian Buchman, The Ability Center was designed by Barrientos Design. With the support of Kahler Slater and SFA the future of TAC has been programmed to support thousands of people impacted by disabilities. A “new normal” for the future — The Ability Center will be the first of its kind, an all-inclusive community center with:

  • 12 volleyball courts & 6 basketball courts

  • a 200M indoor track combined with the country’s first indoor Miracle Field

  • a 25M competition pool, exercise & therapy pools

  • an indoor climbing wall & playground

  • and over 30,000 square feet of exercise & fitness

A 2011 winner of Marquette’s business plan competition, The Ability Center is a social enterprise that will deliver an unparalleled opportunity for people impacted by disabilities to be fit, active, healthy and to play...TOGETHER! Physical activity is quite possibly the most significant quality of life opportunity we can provide people with disabilities in our community. According to the Centers for Disease Control, it is the secondary conditions of preventable health diseases such as: heart disease, diabetes and obesity that are the primary issue for people with disabilities.

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