Giving everybody the gift of health and happiness.


We are The Ability Movement. TAC aims to provide people impacted by disABILITIES with a daily opportunity to be fit, active, healthy and to play.


Ways we do it:

Through our thoughtful, well planned objectives and your gracious contributions, we will excite and inspire the greater Milwaukee community by giving everybody the opportunity to participate in every activity.

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Through community collaboration, RampUp will design, build and/or implement universally inclusive recreational opportunities and continue to empower those with disabilities through accessibility.

Discover Ability Open Gym

By partnering with community-based nonprofits, and parks & recreation departments, TAC: Open Gym, in addition to our other adaptive programs, provides an opportunity for people of all abilities to play together.

Adaptive Scholastic Athletic Program

Our school-based Adaptive Scholastic Athletic Program (ASAP), hosts disability awareness assemblies and inclusive physical education classes. We teach students, educators, and administrators by putting them in "a different pair of shoes" and that regardless of “ABILITY” - everybody is capable.


Our Goal:

To provide a higher quality of life for people of ALL abilities by transforming greater Milwaukee into the most universally inclusive recreation destination in the world.


The Ability Movement

Scaling opportunity.

Since the founding of The Ability Center, we have been providing opportunities for people impacted by disabilities to engage in physical activity and recreation within their community.

From adaptive ice skating at Red Arrow Park to introducing the opportunity to access the sand, shore, and waves at Bradford Beach. From adaptive sports programs to inclusive education. We’ve collaborated with Parks & Recreation Departments, schools, and various community nonprofits to provide inclusive fitness, athletic and recreation opportunities for everybody.

The Ability Center invites you & yours to come PLAY with us, TOGETHER, and join our Ability Movement as we work to RampUp our region — eventually delivering our sustainable solution for equality, equity, and reverse inclusion.